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MARTECH® Innovative Fire Protection Solutions

Effective fire and life safety protection demands innovative technologies, proven performance and indispensable experience.  MARTECH® has been in the fire protection business since 1980, delivering premier firefighting equipment and a full range of engineering services to guarantee our clients a complete solution. Experience Makes the Difference!

The first step to an efficient fire protection system design is the flow testing of the existing water main supply. MARTECH® flow testing and flushing equipment will ensure that your water supply equipment works properly, valves are not broken and water mains are not compromised in event of an emergency, preventing large-scale damage or loss of life.

  • 2-1/2″ Heavy Duty Hydrant Gate Valve built to last with two sealing surfaces on both sides of the seat and a stainless-steel stem attached to the seat so you will never have to worry about this snapping off.
  • 2-1/2″ Economical Fire Hydrant Diffuser with pitot assembly for flow testing. This light weight diffuser makes flow testing easy to achieve and can be orientated downward. The built-in baffle diffuses the water flow and deflects any scale from being thrown into traffic.

MARTECH®—Building a Better Tomorrow, One Solution at a Time.

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New Era of Fire Alarm Detection

VELOX TOUCH is marking a new era of innovation in fire detection and alarm system technology. Fully integrated with the VELOX range of devices and protocol, it surpasses the performance of any conventional addressable panels in the market by far.

Based on state of the art 32-bit microprocessor technology, the VELOX TOUCH can communicate swiftly over a 5Km loop length, fully loaded with 240 loop devices. The TOUCH user interface enhances the user’s experience by making navigation through menus, programming and response times swifter, easier and more effective.

Don’t just read; TOUCH!

Today, interacting with TOUCH is part of everything around us and everything we do.  Fire Alarm Control Panels should not be any different. VELOX TOUCH is not just a user interface; it is the graphical representation of commands, functions, and important information on the Fire Alarm Control Panel. All the commands and information are presented in a choice of four major colors. All the devices, zones, commands are presented using simple graphical pictures, which increases the ease of use. Additional peace-of-mind comes through the panel’s four levels of user passwords. These ensure that only qualified people can access and make changes to the system making it fully compliant with the EN54 part 2 requirements.

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