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Marvon: a complete range for passive-fire protection

Marvon Srl is an Italian company able to provide a complete high-quality and high performing range of products for passive fire protection.

Marvon S.r.l. provides a complete range of intumescent seals, handles for fire-resistant doors, fire-proof pipe collars, foams and silicons.
With almost 20 year-experience in the fire-protection product manufacturing industry and over 40 year-experience in the galvanoplastic and thermoplastic production field, our continual technological development and a special focus on quality all make us a reliable partner in the doors, windows, shutters and furnishings sector. A long list of national and international customer references proves us as a high-quality and successful supplier.

For more details on Marvon products come and visit us at Hall 4 – Booth F27 at Intersec exhibition or write to

Marvon S.r.l.

Via Gargnà, 6 – 25078 – Vestone (BS) – ITALY – Tel. 0365 81.390 – Fax 0365 879.923


4EVAC Presents ‘Lean and Mean’ VACIE solutions

Making its debut at Intersec 2018 4EVAC will showcase its innovative Compact 500 voice evacuation system alongside its 4EVAC LoopDrive Fault Isolator Module (FIM).

The Compact 500 is set apart as a ‘system in a box’. Launched in 2015 as a ‘lean & mean’ solution, its modular design offers cost-effective installation and seamless integration.

Providing the benefits of a stand-alone system, the Compact 500 combines global network topology to offer an infinitely configurable modular VACIE (voice alarm control and indicating equipment) solution that meets contemporary demands.

The LoopDrive Fault Isolator Module (FIM) integrates 4EVAC’s patented technology to deliver an increased availability and reliability of evacuation loudspeaker lines installed using the return-loop principle.

Detecting and isolating a loudspeaker failure in a faulty section in the loop in-between any two FIMs ensures maximum performance of the remaining loudspeakers on that same loop.

Albert Van Der Hout, Business Development Director, commented:

“ We are looking forward to introducing our 4EVAC range to the UAE. Intersec is a vital showcase for us at a point when both the Compact 500 and LoopDrive are exceeding expectations across Mainland Europe. Providing an accessible solution 4EVAC offers simple modular designs that are flexible, fully compliant and easy to install and operate.”

Visit 4EVAC at Intersec, 1 – 8, Zabeel Hall 3, Trade Centre Arena and Sheikh Saeed Halls 1 – 3.

Find out more at


“Al Khoory Pumps”-UL/FM approved fire pumps

“AL Khoory pumps”, a product of UAE origin, offers a comprehensive range of UL listed and FM approved fire pumps. Having an extensive range of pressure ratings, AL Khoory fire pumps are rated for flow from 50 to 1500 usgpm. Established itself as a market leader in the UAE, AL Khoory pumps has also been successful in extending its presence worldwide.

Al Khoory pumps- a product of the Aikah pump assembly, is the manufacturing division under Al Khoory group of companies. With its established presence in the UAE market since 1979, the group has also branches in operation across various countries in the Middle East.

In pursuance of its constant endeavor to keep up with the market demand and improve the capability and range of its products, the firm has expanded its product portfolio by launching a range of certified centrifugal fire pumps under the brand “Al Khoory pumps”. Being in compliance with NFPA 20, AL Khoory fire pumps are listed by Underwriters laboratory (UL) and approved by Factory Mutual (FM).

The firm has its own state of the art testing facility where the fire pumps are tested and inspected by UL and FM engineers. The test facility is fully equipped and utilizes all test instruments calibrated to ISO 17025 where every pump is subject to performance and hydrostatic test.

The facility also has a fully equipped assembly line where pumps undergo inspection and production control to ensure highest levels of quality standards. Having the complete unit responsibility of the fire pump set, we at Aikah Pump Assembly undertakes strict quality control measures to ensure total compliance with NFPA 20.

For further queries or additional information please contact in the below address:

Aikah Pump Assembly LLC
Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 2,
Dubai, UAE
P.O Box 5804
Tel: +9713146333


Evacuate everyone with Visual Alarm Devices

Relying on audible fire alarm notification alone disadvantages people with hearing impairments or those working, or living, in sound reducing conditions. To truly evacuate everyone from a building, we need to signal effectively using light as well as sound.


Klaxon’s Sonos Pulse range of beacons and sounder beacons are designed to ensure that all personnel are notified of fire emergencies, including people with sensory impairments or working in sensory depriving conditions. Featuring Pulse Alert Technology, Klaxon’s beacons help buildings to be evacuated quicker, make evacuation requirements clear and unambiguous, and allow personnel to feel safe and secure.

New European fire system standards recognise and legislate for these requirements. EN54-23 specifies the minimum performance requirements for Visual Alarm Devices (VADs), removing any previous ambiguity regarding the light output requirements or system design parameters involved with using light to evacuate buildings.

Klaxon’s Sonos Pulse beacons produce a light output that can protect most rooms with just a single device. Optical systems disperse light evenly, ensuring the most efficient distribution of light to maximise effectiveness. Klaxon’s Pulse Alert Technology provides all the benefits an EN54-23 compliant system can bring, whilst answering all of the design challenges in doing so.

Klaxon believes that all buildings deserve the latest fire evacuation technology, and that all fire alarm systems should be upgraded so that everyone can feel safe and secure.

Contact Details

Klaxon (A division of Texecom Ltd)
St. Crispin Way

Tel: +44 (0)1706 233879


Detectortesters to present innovative new solutions at Intersec

Detectortesters, the world’s leading manufacturer of test and maintenance equipment for fire detectors, is to present several new innovations at Intersec.

Following a year of new product introductions, the company will proudly present Solo 365 – an exciting new addition to the Solo range which, through a range of unique features, offers faster, simpler and cleaner functional testing of smoke detectors.

The new tester features a light, slim-line design which makes it simple to transport to and around site and makes for easy testing at height and in hard-to-access locations. Smoke is generated on demand which means only the smoke needed to activate the detector is used and the risk of over-application is eliminated.

An optional ASD adaptor means Solo 365 can also be used to functionally test aspirating smoke detection systems. This adaptor is easily fitted and puts the ability to test point type smoke detectors and ASD systems into one portable device – something which has proved extremely popular with fire engineers world-wide.

Solo 365 is available as part of the new range of Urban Kits which have also been recently introduced. These new kits are designed for engineers on the move, featuring shorter versions of the Solo access poles and new compact, stylish rucksacks. See all these products and more at Intersec – Stand 4-H37.


Twitter: @NoClimbProducts

Tel: +44 (0)1707 282760


The Power You Need!

CET has been making fire fighting equipment since 1908 so we have seen a thing or two and have the know how to make a quality foam trailer to meet your specific needs. We customize nearly every unit we make.


Foam Trailers provide mobile fire fighting platform when fitted with high-performance fire attack monitors and master stream devices for flammable liquid hazards typically found in such areas as refineries and associated tank farms, chemical processing plants, truck and rail car unloading facilities, marine terminals, and airports. This portable equipment is extremely mobile and substantially increases the firefighting capabilities of industrial, municipal and military fire departments.

Additionally, a Foam Trailer provides large mobile storage capacity of foam concentrate for pre-planned strategic incident response scenarios.
CET foam trailers are highly customizable and normally range between 150 to 2000 gallons. We have several ready-made units with complete specs and drawings on the website. CET has expertise to aid agencies who purchase foam trailers through grants in mutual aid arrangements, as well as for airports, industrial locations the military and more.


Foam is needed for any fire or spill involving flammable or combustible solids or liquids, as water will not float on hydrocarbon products such as gasoline or diesel fuel. Water used on a fire in a contained area may sink, runoff or overflow. Also, foam reduces toxic and flammable vapors given off by fuels.

Let us know how we can help.


The new standard in testing

Solo 365 is an exciting new product which offers faster, simpler and cleaner testing of smoke detectors. Offering multiple unique features, Solo 365 offers the quality and reliability associated with products from the Solo range and provides fire engineers with a wide range of benefits when testing on site.

Faster Testing

Solo 365 generates smoke on-demand, reducing wastage and eliminating the risk of over-application. This allows for faster movement around site and significantly reduces the chance of repeat alarms.

Simpler Testing

Compatible with the widest range of smoke detectors, Solo 365 boasts a slim, light-weight design which enables simple testing in easy and hard-to-access locations.

Cleaner Testing

Detector friendly smoke, generated on-demand eliminates the risk of detector contamination. This not only protects the detector but also the immediate environment around the detector with no risk of over-application or residue build up.

Unique features within Solo 365 also support these benefits, an auto-LED torch automatically illuminates when light levels drop – making for easier testing of detectors in dark areas. An ASD adaptor is also available which fits easily to Solo 365 and allows for fast and efficient testing of aspirating smoke detection systems.

Solo 365 will be a highlight of the Detectortesters stand at Intersec. Visit Stand 4-H37 for a full demonstration.



Gessler gets Top 100 Innovator Award

Gessler GmbH has been once again awarded as one of the Top 100 innovators among German SMEs this year. Gessler manufactures Central Battery Systems along with Emergency & Exit LED lights & have made the leap into this innovation elite for the second time. Their LEED Green Building certified Emergency & Exit light fittings truly proves their innovative position in the market.


Gessler provides both AC-AC & AC-DC Central Battery System Solutions which can handle maximum up to 150 KVA load. The 7” touch screen available on the panel enables easier user interface, programming and event reporting. Gessler’s range of high-quality products include central power supply systems, single-battery systems, exit sign and emergency luminaries which are designed to make a bold aesthetic statement.

With hundreds of projects across Europe, Gessler also now have multiple project references in the Middle East region through their exclusive partner EDGE Technical Solutions. Some of the concluded and ongoing projects include City Gate Tower in Sharjah, City Land Mall in Dubai, Dubai College Extension, Tabuk Air Base in KSA, Oasis Mall in Bahrain, 4 Star Hotel in Dubai etc are some of the prestigious projects.


FleXNet with Advanced Protocol

FleXNet V12 supports Advanced Protocol (AP), which is a high speed communication protocol that greatly increases the speed of communication between the intelligent devices. 159 Sensors & 159 Modules can now be placed on a single SLC Loop.

Mircom is excited to introduce FleXNet Version 12 (V12) Firmware and Configuration Software products. FleXNet V12 takes Mircom’s Flagship product, FleXNet, to the next level by adding support for new sensors and expanding loop device capacity, simultaneously providing faster alarm detection and response.

FleXNet V12 has undergone rigorous field testing at BETA sites for 18 months, during which many enhancements were incorporated. The key feature of FleXNet V12 is the Advanced Protocol (AP) functionality. Integration of AP enables FleXNet to provide superior group polling method, as well as an interrupt feature that allows for faster response times during alarm conditions. This function allows for more devices to be placed on the Addressable Loop: 159 Sensors & 159 Modules, totaling 318 devices on a single SLC Loop.

FleXNet V12 is a software upgrade to the FleXNet series of panels. There is no need for new hardware when upgrading a FleXNet system from FleXNet Phase 2 to FleXNet V12. Upgrading the firmware can be done via network firmware upgrade when all of the CPU’s on the system are running the same firmware. OpenGN, Mircom’s 3D graphical monitoring software, continues to operate seamlessly with FleXNet V12 for unparalleled user experience.


Praesidia by Inim: integration with vast potential Praesidia

The Praesidia is an Inim Electronics analogue-addressable fire detection control panel which thanks to its highly versatile modular design can be networked with ease to create large-scale automatic fire detection and alarm systems for complex installations in large building structures.

In response to the ever growing demand for integrated security-system management particularly in large-scale building structures Inim came forward with the vast potential of the Praesidia.
The Praesidia fire-detection system, with its powerful and versatile design, offers a completely new solution that stems from its capability to connect directly to a range of systems external to the fire-detection installation such as EVAC voice systems and Harper emergency lights and warning signs.

EVAC voice evacuation systems consist of one or more control units and a series of loudspeaker lines. These systems constitute an evacuation-warning system for building occupants and are a highly efficient way of providing detailed information, something that sounders alone cannot do. Integration between the Praesidia and these systems allows the activation of specifically targeted voice messages in the different areas involved in an evacuation.

The Praesidia is capable of managing Inim Electronics Harper Emergency Lamps and signs directly on its Loops. The electrical power supply may fail at any time, for instance in the event of a fire or network overload. In such situations emergency lamps provide essential lighting to ensure that building occupants can leave the premises in total safety.
Integration of emergency lighting and fire control systems greatly increases their performance and functionality: from selective activation of escape-route directions to guided evacuation based on the location of the danger.

Elisabetta Saini


IWMA announces Events for 2018!

The conference in Rome, a seminar in Cracow! These were the IWMA events in October and November 2017. Now the International Water Mist Association (IWMA) are planning their events for the coming year: three seminars (UAE, the UK and Italy) and the 18th International Water Mist Conference!

The International Water Mist Association (IWMA) has 70 free tickets on offer for their seminar in Dubai which will take place on 21st January 2018, first day of Intersec. Interested parties can register via the IWMA webpage. This is also the place for those who seek more detailed information.

A 3rd UK seminar will take place in Watford near London (at BRE) on 1st March 2018. However, this time the content of the programme will focus not on general water mist topics but on “Fire Protection of high-rise buildings with Water Mist”.

The 18th International Water Mist Conference (IWMC) will take place in London, UK, at the Grange City Hotel on 19th and 20th September 2018. The Call for Papers will be released on 15th January 2018. Abstract deadline is 16th April 2018.

A third seminar will take place in Italy. Here, a date and venue have yet to be determined. But IWMA will communicate details as soon as possible.

A very special event indeed will be the 20th anniversary of the organization on 15th April 2018. IWMA are currently discussing this worldwide charity event in which companies as well as private persons can take part. The particulars will be published in January 2018.

For further information contact:

Tel: +49 40 35085-215


BIOEX launches a new formula: ECOPOL Premium

Since 1998, BIOex designs and manufactures the latest generation of ecological foam concentrates and also proposes conventional foams for use in firefighting (Solid class A fires, Liquid class B Hydrocarbon fires, Liquid class B Polar solvent fires, Toxic gaseous vapours).

  • 2002: At BIOex we were convinced of the harmfulness of fluorine derivatives and were already working to preserve our environment by launching ECOPOL, the first fluorine-free multi-purpose foam concentrate.
  • End of 2015: BIOex launches the new formula ECOPOL F3 HC specially developed to create the first fluorine-free 3% foam concentrate with an exceptionally fast extinguishing action on hydrocarbon fires.
  • 2017 : BIOex launches the new formula ECOPOL PREMIUM to achieve the best performance classification:
  • European standards – EN 1568 1. 2. 3. 4 :
  • Effective at Medium Expansion – EN 1568-1 : Conform
  • Effective at High Expansion – EN 1568-2 : Conform
  • Equivalent to the best AFFF – EN 1568-3 : Certified 1A / 1A
  • Highest AR classification – EN 1568-4 : Certified 1A / 1A
  • Oil industry : LASTFIRE
  • Forest Fire standards : CEREN Certificate


  • Efficiency in direct application equal to that of AFFF
  • Exceptional quality of the protective gel film on polar solvents
  • Resistance to re ignition as reliable as the best protein based foams
  • As efficient with fresh water as with sea water
  • 100% free of fluorine derivatives (without PFC, PFT, PFOA and PFOS)

ECOPOL PREMIUM becomes the real solution that combines high performance of extinction on all types of fires and our environment protection!

More information:

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